The successful exploitation of new ideas is crucial to any business and ours is no exception. Being able to improve processes and bring new and improved products and services to market is critical as in the food industry fads and changes in taste happen frequently. That’s why we encourage our team, our suppliers, and others that we have contact with to pass on their suggestions/ideas for pies, cakes, and other products that we can make, try, and develop for sale.

Last week a chap called Dan Brown, a contact we have at Pinkie Farm, suggested we produce a Macaroni Cheese Bridie. Now, we were a little sceptical at first, however the team got to work on producing the product and the result tasted amazing. So much so that we believe we are on to a winner!

We’ve called it a MacBridie and are planning to launch it in our own stores on Friday 11th September. Then, subject to the reception it receives, we plan to roll the MacBridie out to CJ Lang and the other independents that we supply.

For the uninitiated, the term bridie originates from Forfar in Scotland where the bridie pie is said to be named after a travelling food seller, Margaret Bridie, who sold them during the mid-19th century. Deliciously more-ish, they resemble the pastie in shape and concept, but are surprisingly similar in taste and texture to a plain sausage roll. However, with macaroni cheese inside them, they are delicious!

Thank you, Dan Brown, for your brilliant suggestion and if anyone out there would like to give the MacBridie a try then pop in to a Stuart’s store near you on Friday. We look forward to hearing what you think.